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Get to Meet and Interact With Existing Public Adjusters In A Live Setting

It is the same story…..  Every.  Single.  Time!!!  

You get to a jobsite and there is Legitimate Damage. This is Damage that you know should certainly be covered under the Property Owner's Insurance Policy. But when you go to get for the property owner what they are due from the insurance company they lowball you. That is, if they haven’t just denied the claim outright, or added a few measly bucks for minor repairs, falling under their deductible amount anyways..

Sometimes you can get a few wins but even then they never give you what the property owner truly deserves, or if they do it is only after months and months of hard fighting. When you have since long moved on to another job.....

How do you get Insurance Adjusters to take you seriously on an Insurance Claim as a Contractor in Illinois and All of the Other States???

The Insurance Adjuster Has No Obligation To The contractor, except as a courtesy to the policyholder, to reflect the appearance that he will be fair and reasonable.

As…..  “Just A Contractor”, It Is Always An Uphill Battle, Isn’t It ???

In my 39 Years of experience in the industry and 32 as a Licensed Contractor I found out that the majority of Contractors I came across just didn’t know how to get taken seriously on their Insurance Claims by their Opposition Insurance Adjuster.

  • Far too often, at the first sign of resistance from the Insurance Adjuster too many Contractors are completely shut down, or they struggle to get their point across and choke.  Additionally, they wind up with a Policyholder who gets tired of fighting and waiting for his claim to be Approved.


Perhaps you have already given up?  You may feel that there is nothing you or we can do!

  • But; They won’t listen to me.  It’s as if I was Invisible to them!!!
  • They’ll never pay what they should,or it seems like it takes forever!!!
  • I don’t know what to say to their ever-changing reasons for Denials!!!
  • Or even, I’m afraid of saying what I really want to say, because they won’t like me then!!!

Instead of getting paid what you deserve to get paid for the work you have done, you only get part of it, and it is typically you who is left to cover the costs.

You resign yourself to just taking what they will give you, no longer putting up a fight.

There is HOPE!!!


As a Contractor you have No Leverage. The insurance company doesn’t even have to listen to you if they don’t want to. They can simply  just ignore you.

That is…..  Unless you are a Licensed Public Adjuster as well.

As a Public Adjuster they Can Not Ignore You once you have a contract with the Property Owner.  This doesn’t mean that they won’t still try to, but if they do, they just gave you a giant stick to hit them over the head with with.

As A Public Adjuster you take on the Rights of the Home Owner.  If they try to ignore you, then they are committing Bad Faith, which just makes them have to pay even more.  

You can be Both a Contractor and a Public Adjuster in Several States.

Just being a Public Adjuster isn’t enough however!

It isn’t enough to just get your Public Adjusters License.

Even Contractors that have gotten their Public Adjusters License to get past the UPPA Laws Argument, far too often fold or get tongue tied when the Insurance Adjuster brings out their Slickly Polished Pre-Scripted Counter-Points and then they have no proper rebuttals to them.

Too many Contractors don’t know enough about Policy, nor do they have the backbone to stand up to the Slickly Polished Scripted Phrases made by their Opposing Insurance Adjusters.

You need to Know how to negotiate with Insurance Companies.

Knowing What To Say and What Not To Say is half the battle. Just getting your license isn’t going to make them respect you, and it alone isn’t going to win your arguments.  

You need to know how to argue and how to make the insurance company and adjusters look like they truly are Poorly Trained and Brainwashed to actually Believe The Big Lie!

Most insurance adjusters only get about 2 weeks of training!  Ridiculously, most of it is ways to Deny and Minimize Claims.  They are so poor on understanding Policy it isn’t funny. And when you know and understand Policy yourself and understand how to craft your arguments you’ll be able to get them to walk right into your traps.

In Fact for some of you it might become fun and challenging to argue with them as

You Destroy Their Arguments to shreds…..

No Longer will you be left with the short end of the stick!

No longer will you be wondering how to cover the costs that you should have been paid!

Instead You’ll be That Guy, who everyone else calls to solve their problems.....

Imagine having meetings with insurance adjusters and instead of walking away settling with what they offer, they write you checks right there for what you ask for!

As someone who is always looking for ways to improve my knowledge of Insurance Claims, I came across a Public Adjuster Association and partnered with them to solve this very crucial problem.

Their Course is the fastest way to get your license and to increase your bottom line on the market!

Other test Preparation courses only give you a basic manual and paper tests with answer sheets that beg you to cheat.

Our course has thousands of questions and practice tests that you can study after the 4 day test preparation class.

it is....

The Ultimate Public Adjuster Licensing and Training Suite

Never again get bullied around by insurance adjusters

Become a Licensed Public Adjuster that gets proven results

A Public Adjuster Licensing Course + Public Adjuster Training Course

This is The Ultimate Public Adjuster Licensing and Training Suite that teaches you everything from Passing your State Test, Understanding Policy, Estimating, And Negotiating with the insurance companies and more. Not only do you get training you also get mentors with 6 decades of experience in the public adjuster space. And a ticket to our conference in september. Most other companies only offer a licensing course, we offer you more. No one offers anything like this. You're getting 3 for the price of 1. Never before have we offered so much value. Get it while you still can.

YES! Give Me Access to the Course

First we get you licensed then we teach you how to win

Module #1 Four Day Live Licensing Test Prep Cram Course + Online Tests 

This module teaches you how to pass the state test to become a public adjuster. It is all about the ISO (Insurance Service Office) and their guide lines. Included is a live 4 day Live Licensing Test Prep Cram Course designed to get you up to speed and ready to pass your test. You also get online practice tests and study materials to compliment the cram course.

Module #2 Homeowner's Policy & Client Paperwork

In this module you will learn about the details of the ISO (insurance Service Office), which the day to day policies are approved and guided by. You will learn what you need to know to always be the smartest person in the room on policy. You will see and understand the best paperwork in working with your client.

Module #3 Estimating & Software Training

In Estimating & Software Training you will be trained to be up to speed in a short time and can day by day deepen your understanding in estimating, as well in Mold, Lead and Asbestos and software. In Here we go deep providing you with a bevy of information on a wide range of topics.

Module #4 Negotiating & Documentation

You will learn negotiating, documenting, letter writing, appraisal and court preparation, which is a very important part in handling a claim. We go in detail in every aspect of this to the point that you could run an appraisal business as well.

Module #5 Marketing Claims

In this module we teach you how to market as a public adjuster. We go way beyond simple marketing tactics like BMI groups. This is the stuff you can't find anywhere else, because nobody else teaches it.

Bonus Module #1 Commercial Package

You will learn the information needed to get into doing Commercial claims, you know the ones that pay the big bucks.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive Public Adjuster training course.

  • 4 Day Live Licensing Test Prep Cram Course
  • Policy
  • Paperwork
  • Estimating software training
  • Public Adjuster Estimating
  • Extensive Reconstruction Methods Training
  • Flood Claim Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Form Letters
  • Claim Battle Plans
  • Marketing Training
  • Appraisal Training
  • Lead Training
  • EPA Mold Training
  • Commercial Claims Training

What exactly is covered in each module

We Have Helped Start Over 500 People, Here is What Some of The People Have to Say About Us

I've been involved in roofing and construction for a number of years. One problem I ran into as well as many of my friends in the roofing business, was losing jobs to the insurance company refusing to pay legitimate claims because of loop holes and other criteria which they claim disqualified the insured from being covered from storm damage.

After experiencing this frustration for a number of years I found Mark's school online and figured I had nothing to lose.

Recently one of my customers had an insurance claim which the insurance company only agreed to pay for half of the roof. I prepared myself by spending 10 minutes on the school's website to review the information I needed to properly handle the claim... And only 5 minutes on the phone with mark asking a couple of quick questions.

Sure enough after initially meeting with the adjuster he claimed the insurance company would only pay for half of the roof.

I have never been a great debater and often have had difficulty arguing with adjusters. After only 5 minutes discussing why the insurance company was responsible for replacing the whole roof, the insurance adjuster shock my hand... returned to his car and returned with a check for the full amount of the entire roof.

Without the websites resources I would have never been able to negotiate the claim so easily.

Brent Fenning
Brent Fenning Roofer

I joined the property adjustment association back in late august of 2011. It was one of the best things I could of done for myself. I originally started just to get the information because my parents... we suffered a real bad hail storm in chicago in june and the insurance company was giving them the runaround. So I joined just to you know get some knowledge under my belt and try to get a better understanding of the insurance companies and how they work and everything.

But with the knowledge and information that Mark Houser equipped me with I was able to double my parents claim. When word got out about what I was doing before I even got a chance to even think about being a public adjuster or doing anything towards that nature I already had contacts from friends and referrals from what they heard about what I did with my parents place.

And ever since then it has just been a race moving to learn and get as much knowledge or information as I can to forward to the next steps.

Every time I call mark he is always there, always picking up the phone, always answering whatever possible question I could possibly ask.  No matter has crazy it might sound he always gives a good answer for it.

I just don't know where I would be without Mark Houser, he is just a god send. A real helpful person. And made me change fields and go directly into public adjusting and this is all I want to do with all the information that he has, no need to reinvent the wheel.

He has it all laid out there for you guys. Once again thank you Mark for everything that you've done. 

Shaheed Tamir
Shaheed Tamir Illinois Public Adjuster

The program has worked very well... We were successful in implementing our first cracked rafter claim.

Essentially what the program has allowed me to do is negotiate with the insurance adjusters and really take control of the whole adjuster meeting. The adjusters here that we work with have come to know that we know what we are talking about and respect our figures and everything else...

The program has provided me with much of that knowledge and definitely the knowledge in how to inspect and where to go for the resources to make sure we can implement the claim properly...

And if I were to say anything to anybody that is getting into this business, it's a great program, very reasonably priced.

The most important advice I would give anybody getting into this business is that you have to get by the first knoll and erase from your mentality that the insurance company is the authority. You have to be the authority when negotiating with the insurance company.

This program teaches you and allows a person to understand how to become that authority.

So if it were me getting into this business again and again I would say this program was the best piece of information or source or resource that allows me to negotiate day in and day out with insurance adjusters...

And then beyond that is the ability to call and get some one on one consultation or backup... is this correct is this not correct.

Overall can't beat the program.

Don Schuett
Don Schuett Minnesota Public Adjuster

I felt that it was a good blueprint for me to follow to start my business. I went out on my own so I had some experience but didn't have the overall experience.  I have used it as a tool, I've thrown in some of my own stuff but I have used it as my blueprint to help me establish and understand the process from start to finish.

I think and what I really liked about you mark from the beginning is you where brutally honest, you know it was like a father and son type thing, like "Did you do this?" no. "Why not? you know you should do it that way". And repetition and hearing it a lot you just start doing it that way.  I think that is important, and not just sugar coating things and saying oh that is ok, don't do it next time. No! "Why didn't you do that? you should of done that."

You showed me the things I needed to learn and that was really important to me and helpful to me in gaining my confidence and preparing myself for the next claim.

I think for me it was a combination of both the information and being able to get answers when I needed them. I think it was important to have the site and be able to go out there day or night any time I'm connected to the internet, to go out and look for an answer or an answer to a question, even if it is in the middle of the night. But on the same token, it was really important to me to pick up the phone and call you as well and have that one on one conversation and pick your brain and ask you question and you come back at me with things. I think having both made it very powerful tool for me. And then as well with being able to reach out to other members of the organization and picking their brain on things and building relationships with others.

It feels great making 6 figures. I started my company right around 3 years ago (this was said about 2 years ago) . We have been very fortunate with some of the big storms that have come through, notably hurricane sandy but we also do a lot of daily claims and don't need to depend on the big storms to come through. I mean I like the big storms but I don't need to depend on them, I think growing the business thru daily claims is also very important. The income last year was phenomenal. We did a significant amount of business last year.

I think it is important that you have to look at it as an investment in yourself. If you where to start any type of business you have to make an investment. And you know to me this is a very small investment for a very large opportunity. And you get access to a wealth of information, to a public adjuster community within the association, and access to mark and his team. I believe if it is something your looking into or have interest in or maybe have some background in it is definitely something you should take seriously and give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. 

John Meli
John Meli New Jersey Public Adjuster

Over 16 years of experience to mentor you along the way

Mark Houser President and Founder of PANA and Your Licensing Cram Course Instructor 

For 2 decades he has helped people to start over 300 public firms. Mark Houser has a passion for helping people, and making insurance companies pay what they owe. Mark Houser routinely helps people talk through their problems to figure out the right way to get the money needed for each claim. Often telling them on the phone the exact things to say to an insurance adjuster to get them to pay.

Join The Association Today

This is the most powerful public adjuster course on the market. Period. End of story. Nobody teaches you anywhere close to the level that we do. Nobody teaches you all the policy, estimating, negotiation, marketing, and commercial training you need to know to run your firm. And nobody ties it all together with forms and templates for you to use to get your business started. This is the Ultimate Public Adjuster Training.

One payment of $2,000 

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Everything that is included

  • 4 Day Live Licensing Test Prep Cram Course
  • Policy
  • Paperwork
  • Estimating software training
  • Public Adjuster Estimating
  • Extensive Reconstruction Methods Training
  • Flood Claim Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Form Letters
  • Claim Battle Plans
  • Marketing Training
  • Appraisal Training
  • Lead Training
  • EPA Mold Training
  • Commercial Claims Training
  • Practice Tests
  • Online Classrooms To Learn After You Pass Your Test
  • Membership in PANA
    [op_question question="How%20long%20does%20it%20take%20to%20go%20through%20the%20whole%20course%3F"]%3Ch4%3ETo%20be%20licensed%20you%20can%20do%20that%20in%20less%20than%20a%20week%20with%20the%20cram%20course%20(four%20days%20taking%20the%20licensing%20cram%20course%20and%20one%20day%20to%20take%20the%20test).%C2%A0To%20get%20started%20and%20be%20a%20good%20competent%20public%20adjuster%20you%20can%20be%20up%20and%20running%20in%2060%20days%20or%20less%20if%20you%20only%20put%20in%20a%20few%20hours%20each%20night.%20To%20go%20through%20all%20of%20our%20site%20and%20become%20a%20public%20adjusting%20master%20will%20take%20a%20lot%20longer%2C%20we%20have%20a%20TON%20of%20Information.%20However%20most%20of%20that%20information%20is%20not%20required%20to%20get%20started%20it%20is%20meant%20help%20and%20guide%20you%20and%20give%20you%20resources%20for%20all%20of%20the%20challenges%20that%20come%20up%20as%20a%20public%20adjuster.%3C%2Fh4%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="Where%20and%20when%20is%20the%20cram%20course%20happening%3F"]%3Ch4%3EElgin%20IL%20November%206-9th%3C%2Fh4%3E%0A%3Ch4%3EFull%20details%20will%20be%20sent%20to%20you%20by%20email%20when%20you%20sign%20up.%3C%2Fh4%3E%0A%3Cstrong%3EWe%20will%20also%20be%20running%20a%20class%20in%20December%20at%20a%20TBD%3C%2Fstrong%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20many%20slots%20are%20there%20in%20the%20Licensing%20Cram%20Course%3F"]%3Ch4%3ESimple%20answer%2020.%3C%2Fh4%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="Do%20you%20offer%20a%20payment%20plan%3F"]%3Ch4%3EYes!%20We%20offer%20it%20through%20paypal.%20Simply%20choose%20paypal%20as%20your%20payment%20option%20and%20then%20pay%20using%20paypal%20credit.%20Paypal%20will%20then%20give%20you%206%20months%20to%20pay%20the%20full%20amount%20without%20any%20interest.%3C%2Fh4%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20States%20Do%20You%20Cover%3F"]%3Ch4%3EEvery%20State.%20By%20request%20we%20can%20provide%20you%20with%20different%20state%20regulations%2C%20just%20call%20us%20215-499-8629.%20The%20live%20portion%20of%20the%20event%20will%20be%20on%20the%20basics%20that%20every%20test%20has%20and%20you%20will%20get%20a%20booklet%20with%20the%20state%20regulations%20of%20your%20choice.%20You%20can%20still%20access%20the%20online%20materials%20even%20if%20you%20don't%20want%20to%20attend.%20The%20event%20is%20there%20to%20fast%20track%20you%20and%20give%20you%20a%20leg%20up%20but%20you%20can%20otherwise%20do%20all%20the%20learning%20online.%20But%20we%20Would%20love%20to%20see%20you%20there!%3C%2Fh4%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="Is%20There%20A%20Time%20Limit%20After%20I%20Purchase%3F"]%3Ch4%3ENope.%20Once%20you%20buy%20you%20have%20as%20much%20time%20as%20you%20need%20to%20go%20through%20the%20course.%20No%20worrying%20about%20getting%20it%20done%20in%20so%20many%20months.%20You%20buy%20it%20you%20have%20access%20to%20it%20forever.%3C%2Fh4%3E[/op_question]

The History of Adjusting

Learn the history of adjusting and why the game has changed forever. Training never before available can now be yours. Never before has there been a course this extensive that teaches you all you need to know to be a public adjuster. Everybody else just teaches you how to pass the state test. We go way beyond that and teach you how to be a public adjuster and run your own firm.



One payment of $2,000

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