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So What Is A Public Adjuster?

  • For the rest of you, a public adjuster is someone who works for a property owner against their insurance company in a property damage claim.

  • Basically like a lawyer but in a very narrow field and with no law degree and we don’t leave our clients with less than they need after getting paid.

  • The goal of a Public Adjuster is to maximize the settlement of the property owner.

  • Typically you are working with homeowners and commercial property owners.

  • Most Public Adjusters are sadly poorly trained.

  • In contrast the typical insurance adjuster that most people are aware of works for the insurance company. They are generally trying to minimize or deny the settlement the insurance company has to pay out.

  • Insurance adjusters can cover a wide variety of different types of property losses beyond what a public adjuster deals with depending on their training. Typically they aren’t well trained, often with only a few weeks of training or less, and the training they do get, a lot of that is how to minimize a claim.  

  • Typically this is an entry level position at an insurance company and most people don’t tend to stay as adjusters either moving up the ladder or more likely moving to greener pastures. You can only take so much of telling people no when they are most vulnerable.

  • Then there is a third type of adjuster called an independent adjuster. They work with insurance companies but unlike their in-house counterparts they are free agents who often work for multiple insurance companies.

  • Insurance companies typically use them in areas where having in house adjusters isn’t feasible or when they need extra adjusters in an area such as after a hurricane or a flood.

  • Because they don't work directly for insurance companies they always run the risk of being replaced as insurance companies try to pit independent adjusters against each other to get the lowest costs.


What are good reasons to become a public adjuster?

  1. If you’re a Crusader Insurance Companies lie and cheat their client which is your client.

  2. You enjoy proving real facts and evidence against stupid insurance companies talking points.

  3. You enjoy making great money and making sure your client is covered for their exact damage.

Why Do You Need To Become A Public Adjuster?

  1. We are now into a recession but as a public adjuster you have a massive amount of options with work that families need your help to become whole again after an insurance claim. The price of labor and material's has sky rocked and they need your help.

  2. As I was saying Inflation from gasoline to food to everything has gone up 25% to 55% your dollar is Shrinking there are a bottom tier of people that can't live and homelessness that is taking place. But because we make money by a percentage as the prices rise so does your income. So while you are protecting homeowners there is so much work that you could hire and let us help you train others and them you could then override them by $40% just like a real-estate broker to an agent model.

Why Do You Need To Become A Public Adjuster As A Home Inspector?

  1. Find damage then find the money to pay to fix the damage.

  2. Recession-proof there is more work than you can handle.

  3. Inflation is not our concern because we make money with a percentage basis.

  4. Learn how to do inspections for insurance purposes with existing past clients annually.

  5. Have many other ways to have clients more then a home purchase.


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